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The CD which E lucevan le stelle devoted to Monteverdi’s Vespers is finally available. The double SACD will be circulated internationally by leading distributors, while the E lucevan le stelle Music Store presents a version you can download in two formats: high-resolution MP3 and Apple Loseless. The in-depth research work carried out by the Cantar Lontano team restores to us an inspired vision of this monumental work of the early Italian Baroque. On Benjamin Ballifh writes:

Les Vêpres miraculeuses de Marco Mencoboni
… Il est certain que l’on n’écoutera plus de la même façon les Vêpres de Monteverdi, après l’apport de Marco Mencoboni. Chapeau maestro!”

Full documentation on the work done is available on the Cantar Lontano YouTube channel. A few excerpts: here is the recording of the first track on the CD, then an episode from the Laudate Pueri, with the eight singers in the chancel, as required by Monteverdi.
Furthermore, three moments from the inauguration concert at the 2010 Ambronay Festival: Dixit Dominus, Nisi Dominus and Lauda Jerusalem.
Here is an amusing backstage from the inauguration concert at the Sferisterio Opera Festival (Macerata) and Marco Mencoboni’s approach to the Pulchra es, to the Psalm Laetatus sum; there is also the beautiful concerto Audi coelum.
If you would like to meet some of the protagonists in this production, here are Christophe Timpe, Luca Dordolo and the very young Asia D’Arcangelo, whose marvellous treble voice contributed to the performance of the hymn “Ave Maris Stella” and of the “Gloria Patri”.

Here is the packaging for the Monteverdi Vespers CD. Follow the instructions in our
tutorial video
and make for yourself a perfect-sounding and perfect-looking E lucevan le stelle home-made CD, including booklet and label.

Click here to get the front cover.
Then click here for the back cover.
And then here for the CD label.
Finally click here to get the booklet.
Now you only need the music, which you can buy online and have on your Ipod. Please make sure you have cookies accepted by your browser when you go to the E lucevan le stelle Music Store. Click to enlarge

Disponible au grand public, finalement, le compact disque qu’E Lucevan le Stella a dédié aux Vêpres de Claudio Monteverdi. Si la distribution internationale du double SACD est confiée aux meilleures maisons de disques, le musicstore E Lucevan le Stelle présente sa version téléchargeable en format Mp3 Haute Définition et Apple Loseless. L’ample travail de recherche, accompli par l’équipe de Cantar Lontano, dévoile une version inspirée de cette œuvre monumentale du premier baroque italien. Benjamin Ballifh sur écrit : “Les Vêpres miraculeuses de Marco Mencoboni
…il est certain que l’on n’écoutera plus de la même façon les Vêpres de Monteverdi, après l’apport de Marco Mencoboni. Chapeau maestro!”

Pour lire la critique intégrale cliquer ici.

Une riche documentation sur le travail est disponible sur la chaîne You tube de Cantar Lontano, de suite quelques extraits: ici l’enregistrement du premier morceau du disque et par la suite un morceau de l’enregistrement du Laudate Pueri, avec les huit chanteurs dans les cantorias, comme Monteverdi exigeait.
Encore trois moments du concert d’ouverture du Festival d’Ambronay 2010, le Dixit Dominus, le Nisi Dominus et le Lauda Jerusalem..

Le backstage inédit du concert d’ouverture du Sferisterio Opera Festival de Macerata et encore l’approche de Marco Mencoboni au Pulchra es, au Salmo Laetatus sum et le très beau concert Audi coelum.

Si vous désirez connaitre quelques-uns des protagonistes de la production, voici l’approche de Christophe Timpe, Luca Dordolo et la très jeune Asia D’Arcangelo laquelle, avec sa sublime voix soprano a contribué à la réalisation du Gloria del Magnificat et à l’hymne Ave Maris Stella.

Et encore le nécessaire pour réaliser le packaging du cd Monteverdi Vespers. Il suffit de suivre les indications du vidéo tutoriel et réaliser vous-même le coffret du fantastique cd E Lucevan le Stelle.
Cliquer pour télécharger la face avant.
Après cliquer pour la face arrière.
Ensuite télécharger le label de votre disque.
Enfin obtenir le livret bilingue avec une clique ici .
Et maintenant il vous reste qu’acheter la musique online, que vous pouvez charger sur votre Ipod !
Vérifiez que votre browser accepte les cookies et sur MUSICSTORE virtuel de E Lucevan le Stelle Records.

5 Responses to this post
  1. Chris Veitch Said:

    I can’t wait to hear this SACD. I have watched the YouTube clip and the performance sounds great and will I am sure be superb in SACD surround sound. I am so pleased you have used this format as it allows us to hear much more of the music and become truly immersed in it.

  2. Dr. Roberto J Gonzalez Said:

    Will you have a distributor for your SACD in the USA? I would like a copy to hear your Vespers recording in Surround…

    Thank you.

    Roberto Gonzalez In Napa Valley, California

  3. Chris Veitch Said:

    I have just received my SACD copy of this performance. It is brilliant, I love the interpretation and it is just amazing how it is brought to life through the surround sound. A great recording capturing the work as it should be heard. My thanks to everyone involved for producing such an enjoyable listening experience and for the vision to release this in SACD surround sound.

  4. J.B.M. Wopereis Said:

    I attended your concert on the 4th of September in Utrecht (Festival Oude Muziek).
    There I saw 2 cd’s of your group:
    1. the Monteverdi Vespers
    2. religious motets of Ortiz (e.g. a Magnificat)

    Is it possible to order these two copies at your organisation?
    I should be happy to get a reaction on my question and a possibility to buy the two copies.
    Please send me a note with price and how to handle.
    Thank you in advance1
    Jan Wopereis

  5. Michael Jacob Said:

    I bought Ad Vesperas and Le Mouton. They were so GOOD, I gave them to friends for Christmas. Now, I want to buy the CDs again. Can they be bought by post in Italy?

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